On the Measles Outbreak at Disneyland

For such a vapid C-lister, Jenny McCarthy has a really impressive body count. Seriously, this is not one of those "Oh, let's let everyone follow their own feelings" or "Mommy knows best" kind of things. Measles encephalitis is a horrible way to die. Even not quite dying of measles or pertussis or Haemophilus or good old-fashioned flu are still pretty damn miserable.

True fact, if you mention Jenny McCarthy's name in a conference full of pediatricians, you get this:

Vaccines are the single greatest public health innovation in all of human history. It's disgraceful that we have forgotten what it's like to have those illnesses around, just because of some self-important ignorant bourgeoisie numbskulls who want something to make their parenting seem special and more individualized than that other common rabble. How many children have to get sick and die before we remember what these diseases can do rather than imagining risks of vaccines that have no basis in fact?

Hey, while we're at it, let's play a game! How many of the illustrious ranks of Dead Disney Parents may have possibly been killed by vaccine-preventable illness? Submit your guesses in the comments!

(Jenny McCarthy meme from trappedonvacation. Giselle gif from orange-tide.)

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