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Satiricalifragilistic grew up during the Disney Renaissance, and The Little Mermaid was the first movie she ever saw in theaters at age 3. Her mother flatly refused to let her leave the theater when Ursula got huge and terrifying, and maybe that explains her troubled psyche.

While she'll admit to being an inveterate nitpicker, she firmly believes in loving a piece of art even while criticizing it, and in the importance of engaging critically with what she loves. She has special contempt for anyone who tries to claim the politics in Disney films don't matter because "they're just movies," because she knows exactly how much the Disney Canon influenced her little gradeschool self—for good and for ill!

She loves art, design, music, dancing, movies from Hollywood's Golden Age, and British comedy...expect a lot of these to turn up in her reviews and mashups!

Disney Hunks' Uptown Funk

So, I had a decision last week...either I could do my taxes, or I could do a Disney-inspired Uptown Funk spoof. While you're racking your brain trying to guess which one I chose, you can... uh ... watch my Uptown Funk spoof!

Li Shang and Prince Phillip are so hot, they make Mushu and Maleficent want to retire, man!

Yeah, really stumped us there!

So, yeah, epic willpower fail on my part! I've been itching to do this mashup for weeks. You know you're a Disney blogger when you hear the line "make a dragon wanna retire, man" and your mind immediately goes to this:


Even More Eerie Similarities Between Fan Theorists and Anti-Vaxxers

Need to catch up? Check out the Table of Contents of the fan theories series!

#5: They get attached to the theory because it makes them part of a community.

This is another self-reinforcing aspect that makes theories of any kind particularly difficult to dislodge. As people get attached to theories, they also get attached to all the other people who believe in these theories. Believing in the theory then becomes a powerful marker of one's membership in a community of similar interests and values, and with that comes the significant social benefits of greater notice and promotion within a community (made all the more close-knit by marking those who do not believe as the out-group). Loudly supporting these shared beliefs and defending them becomes performative, to enhance one's status in the community and to reinforce social bonds. This also means that it's not enough to counter the theory with facts, because it's not just the facts that are convincing people, but a lot of social ...



The Eerie Similarities Between Fan Theorists and Anti-Vaxxers

By way of some background: first I made a little costume analysis debunking the Frozen/Tangled fan theory, and in my last post I addressed some of the more tenacious fan theorists' rebuttals, with all of the grace and dignity a blogger can muster...

It's not often that my mood is equally well communicated by both The Little Mermaid and a possessed psychopath on a murderous rampage.

But, you know, I do have a blog to write, and I figured I ought to move on to other topical Disney-related news items, like that measles outbreak at Disneyland:

The happiest place on earth, if you happen to be an airborne virus with 90% infectivity, a decent surface-survival time, and permissive incubation phase.