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Satiricalifragilistic grew up during the Disney Renaissance, and The Little Mermaid was the first movie she ever saw in theaters at age 3. Her mother flatly refused to let her leave the theater when Ursula got huge and terrifying, and maybe that explains her troubled psyche.

While she'll admit to being an inveterate nitpicker, she firmly believes in loving a piece of art even while criticizing it, and in the importance of engaging critically with what she loves. She has special contempt for anyone who tries to claim the politics in Disney films don't matter because "they're just movies," because she knows exactly how much the Disney Canon influenced her little gradeschool self—for good and for ill!

She loves art, design, music, dancing, movies from Hollywood's Golden Age, and British comedy...expect a lot of these to turn up in her reviews and mashups!

When Disney Characters Find Themselves In A Safe-Sex and Anti-Drug PSA...

Pocahontas chasing a waterfall.

So, I think this may be the most tasteless thing I've ever done, and considering my single most popular tumblr post suggests Gaston gets together with a 7-year-old girl, that's saying something:

When I mentioned the idea for this mashup to my loyal peanut gallery, Dad said

"If only Disney had explicitly explored the tobacco industry side of the colonization of the Americas."

...and my little sister said

"But instead of AIDS, it's smallpox?"

The snark is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And, my sister has it...