Disney Hunks' Uptown Funk

So, I had a decision last week...either I could do my taxes, or I could do a Disney-inspired Uptown Funk spoof. While you're racking your brain trying to guess which one I chose, you can... uh ... watch my Uptown Funk spoof!

Li Shang and Prince Phillip are so hot, they make Mushu and Maleficent want to retire, man!

Yeah, really stumped us there!

So, yeah, epic willpower fail on my part! I've been itching to do this mashup for weeks. You know you're a Disney blogger when you hear the line "make a dragon wanna retire, man" and your mind immediately goes to this:

What, isn't this what everyone thinks of?

But it kind of stalled out, because, for one thing, Prince Phillip isn't particularly, well, funky. That, and he has shockingly little screen time! Really, you have to include the bit with him as a kid and Maleficent's taunt of him as an old man just to get him over the 10-minute mark! Fortunately, I remembered that Mulan also has a dragon, so with two Disney dudes it was full speed ahead on the mashup! Also, Li Shang's penchant for going around shirtless made this bit a lot easier!

On behalf of Disney bloggers everywhere, thank you!

Although, to be fair to Phillip, I should point out that he is (to my knowledge) the only Disney love interest to blatantly imply he's hoping to get laid.

Yeah, really. C'mon--what did you think this gesture meant?

And if there's any doubt, the horse confirms it!

I was initially going to do a more literal interpretation with one of the guys as Bruno Mars and the other as Mark Ronson, but I couldn't decide which one to be which (although I think Shang does a better job at Ronson's aaAAAAOOOOooowww face).

That's totally how you spell that, right?

Plus, with just the audio, Bruno is kind of over-represented, so I went for a more one-upmanship vibe between Phillip and Shang. And it turns out that the line that inspired this whole thing is only in the song twice! So I got a lot less of Maleficent and Mushu than I was hoping. Then I got the fateful idea to do a shot-for-shot replica of the music video intro, which if I had any idea how difficult that would be I would have just backed away slowly! Although, since I went to all the trouble, I might as well show off:


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