Why Does Bree Newsome Look So Familiar?

Let's see: bold & outspoken, courageous, dismantles oppressive stereotypes, willing to face unjust punishment from her narrow-minded government for doing the right thing, thinks outside the box, outsmarts an enemy that resorts to terrorism after it lost a war...

...and oh, yeah, kickass climbing skills:

Congratulations, Bree, you've just embodied one of my childhood heroes.


Or, to put it in a way fans of more recent Disney acquisitions might understand: it's like she saw Rosa Parks and said, "That's a good start, but add just a little Spiderman and it would be perfect."

Civil rights hero and actual straight-up fucking superhero.

Certainly says something about 21st-century activism that it seems like our inspirations are the result of a particularly bizarre game of Madlibs--either that or Civil Rights crossover fanfics are apparently a thing:

People are fond of saying that it is impossible to think of a truly original thought that someone else hasn't thought of before, but I think I can state confidently that "I need to find a picture that looks as much as possible like Rosa Parks is being bitten by a radioactive spider" had never crossed the mind of any human being prior to yesterday at 4:17pm.

And having photoshopped that, I think the world was a slightly more logical place at 4:16!

To show your appreciation for her courage and all-around awesomeness, please consider a donation toward the legal fund for Bree Newsome and other brave activists engaging in peaceful civil disobedience to show #BlackLivesMatter.

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